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antares will be taking a blogging hiatus for the remainder of the year.
Over the last few years, Antares has worked with project partners to harvest corn stover in Southwest Kansas and Iowa.
Herbaceous biomass has great potential as a renewable energy supply for the United States, but the costs to supply it to end-users are often prohibitive.We use our roulette flash online 2012 vast knowledge and experience to provide a carefully engineered investment management service for high net worth clients and institutions in Ghana.Our corn stover dataset alone includes costs and yield data from 8,500 acres and over 23,000 bales.As part of a DOE demonstration project, we collected yield data (tonnage collected / acres harvested) from each harvested field to understand how much material was available and how it impacts the delivered cost. .These are: agricultural residues such as corn stover, wheat straw; and perennial warm season grasses slot online italia jammer like switchgrass and miscanthus.There are two kinds of herbaceous biomass that I will be referring.Home, connect, enter in confidence!Agricultural residues are the byproducts of grain production (corn, wheat, etc) so they do not require dedicated farm land.
This is because todays harvesting costs are relatively fixed.
Our data collection efforts have been primarily focused on corn stover, but we are also gathering data for the same operations in wheat straw, and dedicated energy crops including switchgrass and miscanthus.
The cost to harvest biomass is relatively unchanged on a per acre basis, regardless of biomass yield.
Our partners harvested, roadsided, and transported the baled material to storage for eventual conversion into ethanol.
Your information is kept private at all times and never shared with any third party.There is an abundance of this material throughout the grain belt and many biomass end-users are locating their plants nearby to take advantage.Even the soil type can influence the biomass yield.It also breaks out two different cost data sets; the cost to harvest and the cost to deliver.So if the harvesting costs are fixed and the yield is poor, the delivered cost is also poor.The shape of the curve is the most telling feature.This graph reveals some interesting data.The cost drivers for these items are more tied to equipment performance.Your Name (required your Email (required subject.So to each of you, Happy Holidays and look for our next post in January 2013!