slot machine reel motor

Together, the first boss 50 and the second boss 54, cooperate to secure the spring 46 to the support.
A stepper motor 66 including a motor shaft 70 is secured, preferably by bolts 69, to the upper portion of the reel support 44 as generally indicated.
Secured perpendicularly to the shaft 70 is a laterally extending pin 76 about which are mounted a plurality of O-rings.
Protected under the new Millennium Copyright Law Act,.S.C., All rights reserved.Drive signals generated by the output transistors are blocked by the sensing diodes.A diode 125 connected between resistors 122 and a 5 volt source limits the peak pulse voltage applied to capacitor 124 to 5 volts.The reel driver is coupled to the motor to cause the motor to rotate the reel.The spring 46 has an upper lip 48 which engages a first boss 50 on support.13 is a cross sectional view similar to FIG.
To control the rotation of the reel, a control means is operatively connected to the reel in order to provide a means to control the rotation of said reel.
In electronic reel type slot machines the reels are typically positioned by stepper motors, which may be contained in removable modules within the machine.
The present invention is directed to a reel-type slot machine having a display system wherein azart play online casino the movement of the reels is continuously monitored to detect such slipping or tampering, and wherein in such event, an alarm is sounded and further play is inhibited.
The reels are located in a side by side relationship for independent movement about a common axis.
A pay line 18 on the window 16 is used to indicate the winning positions of the play symbols 20 on the reels.
5 is an enlarged front view of the reel assembly of figs.
In order to house the reels, conventional slot machines require a housing having a depth sufficient to accommodate the reels.6 is a side cross-sectional view of the reel assembly taken along line 6-6 of FIG.Each of the stepper motor drive circuits includes, in accordance with the invention, means for detecting false positioning of the associated reel.In particular, in the slot machine of the present invention monitoring is accomplished by sensing back-EMF on the stepper motor stator windings, and generating an alarm signal in the event such back-EMF exceeds a predetermined threshold level.The first projection 30 is inserted into a first slot 36 in the first row 24 and a second projection 32 is inserted into a second slot 38 in the second row 26 which is axially aligned with the slot 36 in which the first.It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a reel mounting assembly for a slot machine having a mechanism for adjusting the rotational position of the reel from the front of the machine so as to align play symbols on the reel.In the absence of a spin error, a determination is made at 72 whether the game results constitute a win, and if so the hopper mechanism 36 is actuated to accomplish a payout.It will be appreciated that this arrangement using the connector 94 facilitates assembly of the slot machine 10 and replacement of reels 14 since an assembly support 28 will plug directly into the backplane 90 without the need of extensive disassembly and reassembly.The actuator bolt in cooperation with the spring maintains in position the reel support member with respect to the upright support member thereby providing a means for adjusting the position of the reel with regard to the pay line.The reel includes an outer portion 42 on which symbols 23 are contained, and an inner portion 43 concentric with the outer portion on which a reference marker 44 in the form of a narrow slit is contained.The user pulls the handle 12 or pushes a button thereby setting slot machine online gratis book of ra kostenlos spielen into rotation a group of symbol bearing reels shown generally.The reels are then stopped at random positions usually under control of a microprocessor.An aperture 50 in the hub portion receives motor shaft.Related Products From Alibaba, description, related Videos 1:13, new Panel Homes -The Basics.