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The cover art for Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard has a lot of dakka, as opposed to the slot machine gratis senza soldi 10 euro actual game itself.
Modern Warfare 2 features a hmmwv-mounted minigun during gametwist slot gratis credit the first mission and, later, Guns Akimbo.
The Salvation War appears on the surface to follow this trope, with how much hell ends up being rained down on Hell in the first book.
Loaded onto the Gunship, which has five weapon mounts per wing, and you have the most dakka the series has seen so far.The building that gives you these upgrades is literally called "Pile O' guns" for cripe's sake!Specifically, your magazines are endless for the duration of the ability.Therefore, there is always room for More Dakka and to say otherwise slot machine le iene for sale is simply offensive to logic.It spits out somewhere around 20 bullets a second.
Gatling Good is a common ways of achieving More Dakka, and you can expect to see gratuitous camera shots devoted to torrents of shell casings produced by the volume of fire.
In addition to his arm-mounted gun, he's got two over-the-shoulder guns, a gatling gun in his chest, and his hands both change into two twin-barreled guns.
It's possible to chain up 60 Quick Shots or more in a single attack.
Yakuza the Tommy gun completely obliterates a dummy restaurant with at least five slugs in each of the five dummiesand then they replay it in slow motion.
Sizing up the Ork Spacehulknote anywhere from 4 km across to well over 16 km across; for our purposes a safe middle range would be 10 km across to the estimated 100 of 'Enuff Dakka, you would wind up with a Terra-sized planet made entirely.
Doom 's Chaingun and its imitators.This has roughly the same loadout, with an added EMP bug flamethrower, and the ability to charge other aircraft and tanks, makes this one of the best, if not the best, flying monstrous creature in the game.FreakAngels : One character has a steam-powered gatling gun that fires massive metal arrows.Twit decide to go purchase guns and shoot them all, especially "the kind that spray a hundred bullets a second!" In The Powder Mage Trilogy the powder mages' magic gives them incredible control over gunpowder and firearms.It can later be upgraded to a Megashark, an even faster and more damaging weapon, now with a 50 chance not to consume ammo.Nearly cited by name in Deadpool - the "Brakka" series of upgrades for each gun increase its rate of fire.Heavy weapons can be (and sometimes are) modded to increase this number almost indefinitely, creating possibly unbalanced but nevertheless immensely fun weapons.Especially brutal with the Maggie pistol, where every trigger-pull is putting out six shotgun-equivalent pellets (ten on a Two Fer Maggie firing several times a second - and every pellet has a 50/50 chance to ricochet into an enemy's tender bits as long as it's.Combined with the "Destruction.0" feature you can destroy buildings with your minigun.Rurouni Kenshin uses this when Kanryuu, an illegal arms/drugs dealer decides to bring a machine gun to a swordfight.If that isn't enough, Chris can get another minigun with infinite ammo strapped to his back.Standard procedure in Aliens.Watson also picks up an early LMG and uses.Set spread to as wide as you prefer.