slot machine in flash javascript

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Any help is appreciated.
Play the flash version of the slot machine.Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.Wav function write_message( message ) nerhtml message; function refresh if ( count 0 ) refreshCounts(-1 var one var two var three nerhtml one; nerhtml two; nerhtml three; if ( one two two three three one ) write_message( 'winner!' else write_message( 'wasted try.' else write_message( 'I.The game calculates the winnings based on the bet level, the configuration of the matching pattern, and the value of the matching symbol.Advertisement, game Development, game Design, advertisement, over 9 Million Digital Assets.Learn about Gambling Addiction, learn slot machine youtube ebay Slot Machine Secrets.Remove of all the old fashion html tags, and change it for CSS.Tutorials 1,064, courses 17,202, translations 2017 Envato Pty Ltd.
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@-webkit-keyframes spin 0 background-position: 0, 0 0; -webkit-transform: rotateX(0deg 100 background-position: 0, 0 -640px; -webkit-transform: rotateX(360deg.rotating -webkit-animation: spin.5s infinite linear; -webkit-transition: background-position.7s; Can anyone give any insight on how this can be achieved?
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Once the button is clicked I want to have the venues scroll through with a slot machine spinning animation using CSS3 and jQuery before a venue is selected.Modern slots are programmed with a variety of themes such as storybook fables and even Chinese lucky charm symbols to enhance their general appeal.If you lose all the credits and go bankrupt, you have to refresh the page to re-start the game.Slot machines were invented at the end of the 19th century.Mechanical machines eventually were superseded by electronic machines that require less maintenance and can be better controlled by the casinos to prevent cheating and to guarantee more consistent profits.Here is what I have so far.