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I did somehow manage to get Chuck to take a few photos of Chef AJs Hail to the Kale Salad before we ate it all.
If there was an ingredient you werent familiar with, Chef AJ gives a great explanation or substitute! .
Mickey Rat and member of, the Cheap Suit Serenaders "mineshaft is the last of the great comics zines." -Rob Clough, The Comics Journal "Recently I've spent time going back and reading old issues of mineshaft.(photo by Heidi Greene, 2006) Fay Lovsky and Dominique Cravic before Les Primitifs du Futur concert in Raliegh (2005).As most of you guys know, bloggers in general dont get paid in money to do what they do best. .In fact, it is quite the opposite. ."Letter to Meathaus: mineshaft!" Meathaus reviews Mineshaft #27 "Past and Future: Mineshaft #26" Review by Rob Clough for Fantagraphics The Comics Journal Meathaus reviews Mineshaft #26" Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter reviews Mineshaft #26 "Letters From Old Friends: Mineshaft #25" Review.Almost Normal Comics reviews Mineshaft #30!
For me mineshaft contains a message of personal healing, a feeling of belonging to a community of artists who express their feelings about life with love, honesty, humility, and humor." -William Crook,.
Let's just say that there aren't that many new pubs that I look forward to reading these days, but Mineshaft is the rare exception.
(2009) Mineshaft contributor Aaron Lange after!
You produce a fine publication with real eclectic appeal to the discerning few." -Robert Armstrong, author.
We both don't understand how these terrible fanzines do OK, and people pass over Mineshaft which is one of the best mags out there.
Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary "Thanks to you and Everett for many years now of the most interesting and beautiful publication I read" -Robert Stevenson "I received the latest edition of Mineshaft and loved every page and had a discussion with Robert. Mineshaft is like a quiet little beacon of laser creativity that continues to burn with a purpose." -Mary download slot machine da bar youtube Fleener "You're singlehandedly keeping the spirit of the old 'Underground' alive well!" -Bill Griffith, author of the daily comic strip.Zippy "In our society where everyone it seems can't wait for the latest 'i-pod' feature it's great to see mineshaft taking the long view, exploring with ink on paper how the artistic culture is surviving in the hidden corners of America and the world.In the meantime it's one of the few true print vehicles around that carries the smokey torch of the disavowed, disenfranchised, lapsed, subsumed and beat to shit Counter Culture." -Justin Green, author.During that portion of her story, I had to put down the book a few times to cry. .Mumbo "I realized that I hadn't written you before now to tell you what an amazing publication I think Mineshaft.We will have lasagna once in a while but its not something we crave. .(photo by Heidi Greene, 2006) Top of Page.All of the ingredients in her book I bought from my local Farmers Market or at any grocery store. . "Mineshaft" carries me back to romantic times long ago when I did a mag, "Tele Times about street-people and comics." -B.