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Myth: Only women can be raped.
The sexual appearance and/or seductive behaviors of a person DO NOT equal consent.
Myth: Domestic Violence is rare.Vulnerable behaviors do not excuse the criminal behaviors of another person.Leigh Kozak, Betsy McDermott, Heidi Doherty, Ed Roster, and Rev.Myth: Alcohol and drug abuse can cause domestic violence.Fact: The actions of abusers are very deliberate.Myth: Victims must like to be abused or they would leave the relationship.
Sometimes, the abuser may attempt to use substance abuse as an excuse for violent behavior.
Myth: Victims of abuse are mostly uneducated, poor women.
CBS Food Equipment is an Equal Opportunity Employer.Staff: Eden Fergusson, Library Director, karen noleggio slot machine catania Brother, Childrens Services, debbie Dallaire, Childrens Assistant.On average, a woman leaves an abusive relationship 7 times before ending the relationship.Both parties must be able to mentally, emotionally, physically, and verbally choose to engage in sexual activity.Fact: The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that less than 2 of all sexual assault reports are false.Fact: Although some rapes do happen in dark, secluded areas, the majority of rapes happen in and around your home.Myth: Sexual assault is a crime of passion and lust.