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There are plenty of slot machine da bar gratis ulisse honest, reliable establishments on the Web.
Slot machine (coin-operated gambling machine) slot machine nf I won 500 playing the penny slot machines last night.
Slot (time slot) finestra temporale, fascia oraria nf ( di tempo ) disponibilità nf ( informale ) buco.
I learned what works and what doesnt when playing slot machines.El DVD se atoró en la ranura y ya no sale.You searched for win at slots and landed on my home page.Franja horaria Dos de nuestros programas lideran la franja horaria de mayor audiencia, de 21.Try it, youll find it gives you a sense of control and youll never end a playing session feeling disappointed or depressed about how to pay next weeks rent.La última pieza del rompecabezas cayó en su lugar y se pudo ver la imagen completa.It all started in Las Vegas in the early 1970s.Traduzioni aggiuntive slot sth (cut slots in) creare fessure in, fare una fessura in vtr This tool is designed to slot the boards.
I read blogs, newsletters, and forum posts.
Play Now, i constantly search for ideas and strategies that will lead to a better chance of winning at slots by making my play money last longer.
And one last thing.Slot (time slot) ( horario ) hueco espacio, the director has a slot between 3 and 4 pm; would that suit you?Best Canadian friendly Online Casinos casino, offer.Disc slot, also US: disk slot (slit for inserting a CD or DVD) ( per CD o DVD ) fessura nf The DVD got stuck in the disc slot; now it won't go in or come out.Well, for starters, I have a ton of experience that Im going to share with you.WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2017: Compound Forms/Forme composte coin slot (narrow opening for inserting a coin) ( per inserire monete ) fessura nf Although I inserted my quarters into the coin slot, the chips won't come out of the vending machine.