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She surmised it was likely esophageal spasms caused by an upsurge of stomach acids.
And thats where I got my first dose of the reality that is public healthcare in Ireland.
Of course I have never needed emergency hospital care which according to the news reports is a whole different story all together until recently.
When it comes to healthcare in Ireland, slot gallina gratis new the news isnt good.She prescribed meds for the spasms and told me to come back in a few days.My prescriptions cost about 10 euro on average.As someone who has no private health insurance here, my own experience has been quite good.Last week I went to my GP complaining of chest pain, rather a tightness in the middle chest area, for the previous few days.When I returned with the same symptoms and high blood pressure, she sent me to the emergency room at Beaumont a public hospital in Dublin.For 50 quid I can see my general practitioner and shes available with one or two days notice.Stories of patients waiting for beds, tests and appointments are featured daily in the Irish media.
The headlines in the papers and the television news reports are ripe with exclamations of how badly the system has broken down in recent years.
While I was there she took my blood pressure, which was surprisingly high; Ive always had perfect readings and my last check was only a few months ago, also perfect.
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